Stayed tuned to our facebook page for announced theme nights

Here's a peek of what's coming...

Country Night: We had a blast! Watch our Facebook for the next date!


  • The feeling of a night out on the countryside
  • Dress comfy & country!
  • Country music 
  • Countryside themed throwing games full of fun and competition for all!

College Night: Periodic! see our Insta or facebook page for upcoming announcements


  • Calling all college students!
  •  Usually at 1/2 price ! $3 Natty Seltzers and Bud Lights. VALID ID strongly enforced
  • Play your music and play college games with axes... axey versions of...
    • Pong
    • Flip Cup
    • Would you rather
    • And more!
  • Bring your student ID & group of friends for a night off campus!

Axey Halloween: Oct 25-27 (sorry if you missed this!)


  • Pumpkin Carving Contest..Bring your pre-carved pumpkin on Friday the 25th between 2 and 10 to get judged by other axe throwers through Sunday at 5:00.  Winner with most votes will spin the wheel of fortune to win a prize.  You do not have to be present to win.
  • Axe the apple
  • Gouge the gourd
  • $5.00 off your session (whenever that may be) if you bring a pumpkin or a gourd on Friday 

Glow & Throw


  • Throwing axes in the dark?! Yes!
  • Glowing targets, axes, and game accessories all night long
  • Bright clothes are a must!
  • Join us for an upbeat night of glow and throw!

Business Competition Night


  • The newest way to incorporate team building outside of the office!
  • Compete against your own company or another, in axe throwing games that will show who is boss!
  • Win and you get free advertising on our website and in our facility until the next Business Competition Night

casino night


  • Throw & win!
  • Instead of playing with cards or chips, it is axes and targets!
  • Games customized to axe throwing:
  • Grab your friends and family and throw! Bet each other!
  • Wed nights , late November to Mid Jan, 2019  -  7:30-9pm 

All these & More .. stay tuned to our facebook for periodic

zombie night


  • Learn the simplest way to fight zombies; with axes!
  • Be prepared for a Zombie Apocalypse with custom games during Zombie Night!
  • We won't fall short in making you feel like you are walking into an episode of the Walking Dead, so dress to slay Zombies!

date night


  • Take your significant other out on a date they will not forget; axe throwing!
  • Games against each other and other couples will create a night of fun and light competition for you and your date
  • As always, dress to impress!

generations night


  • In honor of our name, Generation Axe, this night aims to emphasize the fun and uniqueness of every generation
  • Celebrating every generation at once with axe throwing games created towards the highlights of each generation
  • Bring someone with you from each generation for a prize!
  • Stand out and dress like your generation 
  • Generational fun for all!